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1 purple crayon being donated to coloring book (have not removed from count - will do so at reward time)
Little Spell Academia 176: goldie01, goldie02, flat03, fermata01, goldie03, senza01, goldie04, sharp01

Colorseum 45-2: Blue Crayon, Purple Crayon, Red Crayon, Gray Crayon, Green Crayon, Brown Crayon
Shadow Watching 285: fisticuffs18, elven20, hungrywolf03, idolfangirl14, competition04, velocity19
Crazy Colors 217: played my blacksmith10 for thethorn04, heavenguide14, focusing07, halide06, torule20, relicsong17
Kotori's Costume Party 359: paladienne05, younggirls17, spectator08, labyrinthia13, scent04, maidcafe05, lies17
Help Miss Kamila! 240: cupid11, navigate15, lovefreak16, academia08, muzzle11, 2wink10
Scramble! 122: affinity18, firstlevel17, unicornmaiden19, merm4id05, acepilot08, massages17, littledevil11, sign03, hatsushimo02, bookseller06, 1 Purple Crayon
Reading Between the Lines 288: rap14, alternate09, jizaikon20, beastking14, gideon04, wingedone01, economical03, shoeless01

Donated: mustaches20
September freebies: restriction19, riceball13, senza12, thepast02, tsuguko18
Release 137 (September): 12years20, attic13, ballpoint15, chihuahua14, fermata14, founding16, fridge13, ken-chin15, peyang16, ratio10, hocchan06, +1 signature

Little Spell Academia 175: toman01, flat01, toman02, flat02, goldie08, goldie11, toman13, goldie17, toman16, flat15

August freebies: sharp02, sharp11, sharp19
Release 136 (August): pi-su14, aircon19, toman18, 00709, bondman04, westalis13, briar10, ostania13, sadism11, goldie12, writers14, +1 signature
Bonus: tadpole15, fingers18

Starter Pack: flat06, flat14, westernmyth10, blacksmith10, goodday13, pillars09, harsh12, pleasure20

☼☼☼ 09/25/21 ☼☼☼
- Traded Crazy Colors 217: my blacksmith10 for

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